Picture taken December 2011, Gary Huber, AB9M at home QTH. Equipment in line: TenTec Omni VII w/ FLEX-1500 sub-RX, Titan 425, Model 253 Antenna Coupler, Array Solutions K9AY Loop Control, Hy-Gain rotor control, AOR TDF-370, AEA MM-3, and Bencher Paddle. Also on the desk and shelf; TenTec Corsair II w/ remote VFO, switched in line with Dow key and NCS Multi-Switcher, computer monitor, Alinco DR-135, and Kantronics KPC-3 TNC for APRS, TT-715 RF-clipper, Heil Quiet Pro w HC-5, Dentron SuperTuner, Timewave ANC-4, and W2 Wattmeter.
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