Harmony® by Motorola is a "small" iDEN radio system for private system operators or commercial operators not needing the capacity of Motorola's other more expensive iDEN systems. The hyperlinks below are the result of internet searches on "Harmony", "Motorola", and "iDEN™". These links are for your information only, I have no proprietary content from Motorola or the webpage authors on www.CSM-GH.com. The comments I make below regarding each link below, does not constitute a recommendation for any website, product, or service. Further, I do not receive any compensation of any kind from any party for displaying the links below.
"Motorola Harmony Wireless Communication System - What is it?" Harmony
Harmony Wireless Communication System™ - Handsets (the cellphone / radio)
iDEN™ handset test information (www.GeckoBeach.com) - Test mode
How iDEN™ Works
What is iDEN™
iDEN™ Products - headsets, handsets, applications, downloads
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