Oral - Oral contracts shall not be accepted except by prepayment and acceptance of work to be completed. No work will be started on initiation of a oral contract until full payment is received.
Letter contracts - Letter contracts will be the primary documents for authorizing the work to be done and establishing payments to be made in exchange for that effort. No work shall be performed until the letter contract has been executed by both parties. See example below.


Client's name and address: ______________________________________________________________

Description of services to be provided client: ________________________________________________ 




Start date: _________________________ Completion date: ____________________________________

Fees:  $__________________ per ___________ (hour / day / other)

Total estimated hours / days / other: ________________________________________________________

Total estimated fee:  $____________________

Other costs:  $____________________  for __________________________________________________

Payment terms: ________________________________________________________________________

Additional terms and conditions, if any: _____________________________________________________



For __Gary Huber___(consultant)                  For ________________________________(client)

___________________________(signed)    ___________________________________(signed)

___________________________(date)       ___________________________________(date)

                                                                                                                                     form lc1 7/5/03

Purchase Orders - either unilateral or bilateral purchase orders may be accepted.
Formal Contracts - formal contracts will generally not be needed except when the project requires work by others, significant travel expences, or your company prefers to use your standard terms.
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