Past Projects

The following projects were undertaken and completed before my retirement from State Farm Insurance.

Harmony wireless communication system® - the first private iDEN radio system had not been operated outside the laboratory environment, when I needed to replace an aging five channel 800 Mhz Motorola Smartworks trunking system due to corporate campus building expansion. Working with Motorola's "Private iDEN project team", I was able to provide an internal proposal justifying the major expense to install the first privately owned and operated iDEN™ system. The contract terms, installation processes, and other project information were (are) covered by a mutual Non Disclosure Agreement. With modifications and additions to existing in-building RF distribution media, this project provided private services similar to those of Nextel® within the buildings, campus, and local community.

Analysis of telephone call records - developed computer assisted search and selection criteria of PBX call records to distribute corporate telephone expenses and identify patterns of misuse. Personal computers were incorporated for the collection of records and upload process to mainframe processors. Result - reduced telecom expense and reduced misuse and fraud.

Baluns - made recommendations to utilize baluns to migrate from coaxial data cables to standard twisted pair copper telephone station wire. Result- reduced installation and maintenance costs per foot of data transport medium.

BDA system design - developed specifications for a Bi-Directional Amplifier system consisting of a head-end; sixteen Bi-Directional, 800 Mhz, five channel, gain block, amplifiers, and 8000 feet of RADIAX® cable.  Result - improved utilization of two-way radios and increased productivity of employees using two-way radios.

Cellular telephone and paging - performed application development and supported applications providing increased employee availability to provide customer services. Developed in-building signal delivery and egress systems. Result - improved customer service and reduced operational expense.

ECHO Tail End Hop Off project - utilized a stand alone Application Processor (Bell Labs UNIX® IV) to develop Time Of Day PBX routing over fixed cost facilities with egress from Service Center PBX to local telephone exchanges. Result - telephone expense reductions of $2000 per night per regional office running ECHO agent updates.

Protective grounding - developed program for inspection and maintenance of building grounding systems for lightning protection and electrical safety. Result - during implementation, identified and remediated apparent violations to National Electrical Code which could have endangered employees or equipment.

Radio system design - developed company standards for installation, operation, and maintenance of two-way radio systems used at thirty locations in the continental US. Licensed each location for UHF operation then migrated to 800 MHz. Result - increased employee productivity and safety.

Trouble Tracker® - participated in a controlled introduction of a Bell Labs product using "artificial intelligence - expert system" technology to operate and maintain PBX systems nationwide. As a result of the 525 PBX systems we controlled, we became a beta test site and "evolved" the hardware and software of the final product. Result - this product became the foundation of a Network Operation Control Center operation which maintains a "five nines" network.

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