The Fifth Infantry Division
Throughout the years the Fifth Division (and later the Fifth Infantry Division) was active, many Regiments, Battalions, Squadrons, and other organizations of varying size were assigned, attached, or loaned to the division. The Distinctive Unit Insignia (DUI) of the units are found below along with the organizational name and code indicating the time or location the unit was active with the Fifth (Infantry) Division. Note - the graphics on this page originally were produced for U.S. Army units. The copying and respectful use of the graphics on this page is permitted. ............ ( UNDER CONSTRUCTION)..........
2d Inf Regt
5th Cav Sqdn
6th Inf Regt
10th Inf Regt
11th Inf Regt
12th Cav Sqdn
1,2,C, V,P
, C , P
60th Inf Regt
61st Inf Regt
77th Armor Regt
4th FA Regt
19th FA Regt
21st FA Regt
C , P, V
75th Ranger Regt
75th Spt Bn
7th Eng Regt
5th Inf Div
34th Armor Regt
105th Spt Bn
17th Air Cav
20th FA Regt
69th Inf Bde
130th FA Regt
40th FA Regt
70th Armor Regt
256th Inf Bde
1st Cav Sqdn
35th Armor Regt
25th FA Regt
40th Armor Regt
5th Medical Bn
P , 1 ,
9th Signal Bn
3rd ADA Regt
29th FA Regt
5th AHB ?
46th FA
50th FA
5th Spt Bn (Fwd)
5th Signal Bn
The Distinctive Unit Insignias (and Separate Brigade Shoulder Sleeve Insignias) above are of units affiliated with the Fifth Infantry Division during various periods when the Fifth Infantry Division was active. These units may have been assigned during one or more periods. The following codes are used to identify the affiliation period or location; WWI = 1, WWII = 2, Ft Custer = M, Ft Jackson = J, Ft Carson = C, Vietnam = V, Ft Polk = P, Panama = Z. Some codes may be hyper-linked to off site web pages providing additional information on the unit's period of affiliation with the Fifth Infantry Division. Only the unit's affiliation with the Fifth Infantry Division is noted here. This page is subject to revision and additions as units are identified and graphics are located.
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