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The purpose of this page is to provide a table of contents for the web site www.fifthinfantrydivision.com with date of creation (or update) for each page so that visitors can check individual pages without following navigation links on individual pages. Please note that page updates may not be visible or apparent to the viewer.
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Created / last updated
index.html index - welcome page - links 11/30/03
directory.htm directory - page two - links 11/30/03
page3.htm site information - page three 11/30/03
Quartermaster.htm Quartermaster's page - links 11/30/03
Reading_room.htm viewer with links to content 11/30/03
slide-show-1.htm viewer with Northernmost 11/30/03
Vietnam_C-rations.htm viewer with C-Ration meals 11/30/03
VN_History.htm comments Huber & Short 11/30/03
WWIIdead.htm viewer with WWII dead data base 11/30/03
5thMembers.htm Current Society of the Fifth Division members 12/30/03
2009 Reunion Society of the Fifth Division Reunion - 2009 10/05/08
5th Inf Div by YJB Yves J. Bellanger's Fifth Infantry Division 01/17/04
WWII KIA Overseas Burial viewer with links to American Battle Field Comm. 06/11/04
NARA_VN_Archives viewer linked to NARA Vietnam Archives 06/17/04
NARA WWII Archives viewer linked to NARA WWII Archives 06/17/04
Awards and Decorations viewer linked to U.S. Army Heraldry pages 06/17/04
WWII Medals alpha list of WWII DSC & SSM awards 06/18/04
Battle_Streamers Battle Streamers of the Fifth Infantry Division 06/20/04
5th Div GO Index Fifth Division GO index 06/24/04
Heraldry Official Heraldry of the 5th Infantry Division 07/01/04
US Army - Vietnam US Army Units in the Republic of Viet Nam 07/06/04
Recognition of Members 84th Reunion Recognition Speech (CSM Huber) 09/12/04
5th Division History UNDER CONSTRUCTION - HISTORY 11/23/04
Proposed Units of Action 5th Infantry Reactivation? 03/06/05
5th Division WWII Chronology 5th Division WWII Chronology 04/05/05
PDF version - Constitution PDF version of 2005 Constitution 10/03/05
Aerial photo - Quang Tri Recent satellite photo of Quang Tri area w/map grid 7/6/05
New Stressor New Stressor - "not being able to return fire" 7/12/05
Lam Son 719 Critique Critique by General Starry 10/16/05



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