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In years gone by many Army units had a reading room available for the men where they could find periodicals and books. It was not a library, but often the men would leave books, magazines, and local newspapers to share with others and return items when they had been read. For the most part the system worked. This page works the same way; it depends upon you giving back something, a comment, a suggestion, or a recommendation of other items to be listed here.

The overall focus of this web page is to provide access to materials of interest to members of The Society of the Fifth Division. Although this page references other web pages, the primary focus are the printed materials available through these sites; included are books, magazines, other periodicals, "CD"s and audio tapes. Unless otherwise noted on this page or an annex, all materials referenced here are done so without any remuneration, compensation, obligation, or contract between The Society of the Fifth Division and the artist, author, editor, publisher, copyright holder or any other party.

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