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All services below provided only on a "no fee, volunteer, 'pro bono', basis". Services provided will be limited to those considered morally, ethically, and legally acceptable by me, and I reserve the right to refuse my services to any individual or organization. Gary Huber
Consulting - I was the first person to go through the process of justifying, then gaining approval to purchase, install and operate a Harmony private iDEN™ radio system by Motorola. Let me help you avoid the common mistakes, assumptions, and additional expenses.
Expense analysis - telephone, cell phone, and pager expenses can easily get out of hand if ignored or mismanaged. I can review the call detail reports provided by your telecom department or communication service provider. I will provide you with a confidential written report which will confirm your expenses or alert you to potential fraudulent use or misuse of organizational communications resources.

In-building RF enhancement - Today's radio based communications networks like NEXTEL®, Harmony, PCS, Cellular, two-way paging and advanced wide-area two-way radio systems were originally designed for on the street coverage. Use of these services and communications devices in large commercial buildings is a challenge. Communications may be spotty or nonexistent except for areas near doors, windows or skylights.

To provide in-building and campus radio based services, special equipment must be designed, configured, and installed where ever the radio service will be used. I was involved in the development of the core technologies used in in-building wireless communications. In addition, I have helped pioneer several in-building bi-directional signal enhancement systems. If you are contemplating providing an in-building or campus radio service, contact me.

Internet research - "Surfing the net" or serious internet research using the office or home computer is not confidential and may result in information about you, your family, or your organization being broadcast through the internet. In some cases, organization network administrators limit the sites and types of content you can access. For example, access to numerous government web sites is restricted by many businesses because of  JAVA® scripts or other active content. This leaves serious researchers to find alternative methods to get needed information.

I can do your internet research and provide you with a paper or electronic report with as much or as little detail as you desire, limited only by the internet availability of the subject matter. I utilize Norton® products and ZoneAlarm Pro with Web Filtering® to protect my work from "viruses" and "bugs". All electronic files, attachments and emails from me have been scanned with the latest Norton® anti-virus templates. Best of all, this service is strictly confidential... your computer and IP address are not exposed to third parties.

Knowledge transfer  - I can assist you with knowledge transfer to key employees. I specialize in "Life cycle cost savings of technology upgrades", RF Link Budgets, and Protective Grounding for electrical safety and lightning protection.
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