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My FCC issued callsign is AB9M.
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"If you do what you did, you'll get what you got." - unknown

Now isn't that the truth? In many organizations new and different ideas are difficult to implement due to organizational inertia or momentum.

As a retired Command Sergeant Major (US Army), I have training, knowledge, and experience working with senior officers and their staffs to accomplish rapidly changing organizational objectives. As a retired Staff Assistant (State Farm Insurance), I have a wide range of experience and knowledge in industrial technology, telecommunications, radio communications and associated fields which have seen rapid change during the past twenty-five years.

I am now retired and no longer available for hire. I may provide "pro bono" advice to qualifying organizations or individuals.... contact me for details.

Gary Huber .

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The 5th_ID_Coin is no longer available. I have sold or given away four hundred coins. The dies for the coin have been destroyed and I have no plans to create a new coin.
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